I knew it would not be cheap: but I also knew I loved my Bentley enough to want it to be right.

Simon Taylor Editor of Classic & Sportscar magazine.

It's Perfect!
So often your perception of a of a part and its actual form and quality on arrival is both different and disappointing. But I can say that this is EXACTLY as imagined! Thank you very much, shape, execution and quality is perfect.

Bernard Rowe, winner of Best Austin Seven Special International Rally Austin 7 Special

In 2008/2009 you have worked on my Bentley R type dhc lhd and here is my testimonial.

‘The work done to my custom build R type was outstanding. Panels as well as the wooden repaired ash frame was very professional done. And the price? I have no complaints as it was honestly charged’
Hans van Eeuwijk-Netherlands.
And yes I was there when you worked also on the Corniche

Hans van Eeuwijk-Netherlands

When it comes to providing stunning craftsmanship on classic cars experience is everything and Ashley & James coachbuilding has a wealth of experience.

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